About Countrywide

Countrywide Cooperative formerly Lusaka City was established in May 1979, with the aim of empowering and supporting its members and the communities it serves.

Our Vision

To be the leading cooperative offering viable financial, investment and sustainable services to members within the country for economic and social growth.

Our Mission

Mobilization of savings, provision of quality, affordable credit and diversified services via prudent management that ensure optimum benefits to the members & other stakeholders

Green Environment 

Promoting sustainable agriculture by working directly with farmers, donors and other organizations to accelerate and deepen the positive environmental impact.

Our Core Values

Countrywide is fundamentally guided by core values in rendering its services to members in line with accomplishing its goals, which are as listed below:

• Transparency – In all our endevaours we ensure we deliver what we promise
• Integrity/Honesty – When you interact with us you can trust what we tell you
• Accountability – Everything is on record and every cent is guaranteed through dividends payment
• Commitment – the company values, trusts and empowers all its employees and has measures to promote job satisfaction by making employees feel that they are part of the cooperative’s successes.
• Diversity – In carrying out our goals the cooperative has since reached beyond boundaries and cultures by creating enabling environment for everyone


Countrywide is leading the way in the formalizing and digitizing cooperatives across Zambia. Having spearheaded projects on Oracle and Mifos, Countrywide is implementing the digitization and adoption of digital solutions to power its next level of growth and boost financial inclusion on the continent.

Countrywide is bringing financial inclusion to the last mile.

Countrywide led the design and implementation of the USD10 million, financial inclusion project to help cooperatives shift to digital platforms. This provides innovation and will give more underserved consumers access to a suite of financial services that would have been otherwise unavailable, or difficult to obtain, such as credit, savings and pension

The members of various types of cooperatives that are based in far-flung areas shall be able to transact without needing to visit a physical branch. The platforms will enable members to open a savings account, get a loan and pay bills remotely.

The platform is also available on mobile, which will also lead to greater transparency and financial hygiene of most credit unions.

Countrywide’s introduction of technology make the SACCO’s more attractive to individuals who traditionally used commercial banks to mobilise funds for investment since the former offer good rates. The technology will also allow Zambians abroad to take advantage of cooperative businesses.

Our Cooperating Partners